An NSW nurse is being held responsible for killing patients after predicting their deaths via SMS, but his defense claims that the caretaker had no motive behind murdering them.

Twenty-nine-year-old Gary Davis attended his first judge-alone trial on Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty of murdering Gwen Fowler, 83, and Ryan Kelly, 80. He was also alleged to have attempted to murder Audrey Manuel, 91, at Summit Care Wallsend nursing home. According to the reports, the two Newcastle nursing home patients were murdered with lethal insulin injections. The murders were committed in October 2013 over a period of two days.

The Supreme Court heard that the accused used to predict the deaths of the patients and then murdered them himself. He would predict the one who was going to die next in the series. The information was recovered from the text messages he sent to two staff members of the healthcare center.

Crown prosecutor Lee Carr told the court that the patient’s who died were in good health. However, they fell ill suddenly after the predictions were made via SMS and then admitted to John Hunter Hospital on October 18 and 19 in 2013.

Davis’ lawyer Christopher Watson addressed Justice Robert Allan Hulme on the first day at Newcastle Supreme Court and said that there was no motive for killing the dementia patients by the alleged murderer. “Our case, simply put, is we don’t know who did it, but it wasn’t us,” Watson said. “There’s no explicable motive for injecting insulin into three people,” he added as quoted by 9News.

Carr said that he would call 25 people to provide evidence related to the incident, He said that the group of people will consist of only those who were there in the care unit on both the days of the said year.

Watson said that despite the presence of fingerprint scanners and CCTV cameras installed in the healthcare unit, the security measures weren’t “profound”.  He added that he denied claims made by Carr that stated that the investigators rejected 13 evidence whom police couldn’t identify. They were the ones who visited the healthcare unit on Oct 18 besides Davis.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the trial against the NSW nurse is expected to resume on Friday.