An investigation into the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has revealed that the pilot of the plane had an exchange of heartbreaking messages two days before the incident.

The reports have suggested that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had been fond of a married woman for few months before the disappearance of the plane on March 8, 2014. Reportedly, mother of three Fatima Pardi was involved in the exchange of message with the pilot of the plane. The relationship between the couple started with their friendship and developed to a level where the captain became a fatherly figure for her children.

One of the children of the woman suffered from acute cerebral palsy. The thirty-five-year-old woman, who is now a member of an opposition party, refused to provide the details of what the duo was talking about in their final WhatsApp message. She said that it was a private conversation and she won’t be discussing it publicly. She also claimed that they were not involved in a romantic relationship.

The reports have also indicated that the relationship between the couple had cooled as revealed from the messaging, “That last conversation was just between me and him. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m afraid what I say will be misunderstood. It was a personal matter, a private issue,” she said.

Pardi said that she has declined all interviews after the matter came into the limelight as she was afraid that whatever she would reveal will be misinterpreted. She added that she did not intend towards hurting the feelings of Shah’s family and also she never wanted to become a gossip topic for the public.

The former kindergarten teacher said that the only reason she confronted was to counter speculations that stated MH370 pilot’s involvement in hijacking the plan. “This is not a lovey-dovey story. He was a friend of mine. We were friends,” she said as quoted by Malaysiakini. “He told me he saw potential in me and that he would help me build a better future for myself and my children.”