An “evil document” containing a warning from the ISIS has been obtained, stating that the extremist group’s next target is none other than Australia.

The document released from the group has asked its followers to plan an attack on the iconic buildings and national landmarks of the country. An English-language magazine called “Rumiyah” has been released by the ISIS requesting a following to attack Australian sites like Bondi Beach, the Melbourne Cricket Groud, and the Opera House.

The authorities in power are requesting the public to calm down and cooperate with the government in taking relevant measures to deal with the situation. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has also shown concern over the threat of the group to undertake a “lone wolf” attack on the landmarks of the nation.

Turnbull explained the increasing chances of terror attacks in Australia, but at the same time, he assured the public of the tight security that the nation has. He said that as the allied forces are invading ISIS territories successfully, it is very likely that the group will conduct “terrorist activities outside the Middle East.”

The terrorist group has claimed that terrorist Ezzit Raad has been killed in Syria. He was the one who was jailed in 2005 and had been plotting to attack the sites mentioned. This was the reason they were targeting Australia next, they stated.

“Kill them on the streets of Brunswick, Broadmeadows, Bankstown and Bondi. Kill them at the MCG, the SCG, the Opera House and even in their backyards. Stab them, shoot them, poison them and run them down with your vehicles,” the magazine stated as quoted by The Daily Telegraph.

“Kill them wherever you find them until the hollowness of their arrogance is filled with terror and they find themselves on their knees with their backs broken under the weight of regret for having waged a war against the believers, and by Allah’s will, and then through your sacrifices, this Ummah will be victorious.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews advised the public on Wednesday to continue with their regular routine despite threats to show the group that “we won’t be intimidated by these threats.”

9News reported that it is the first that ISIS has released an English-language magazine with the same edition published in other languages like German, Indonesian and French.