A Sydney man has been charged for his involvement in ISIS AU recruitment following the inspection of phone calls which revealed that several young Aussies agreed to fight in Syria.

Hamdi Alqudsi, who got emotional in the previous hearing and exhibited his love for Australia, was charged with sending around seven men to fight in the Syria conflict. The proceedings were conducted under the Foreign Incursions Act in 2013. He was found guilty of making travel arrangements to help the men reach Syria and participate in the war with the Islamic State group between June 2013 and October 2013.

Police examined around 300 phone calls that revealed the involvement of the 42-year-old man in recruiting young Aussies as jihadists to fight in Syria. Alqudsi was imprisoned for a minimum of six years on Thursday.

The NSW Supreme Court trial has heard that the ISIS Au recruiter organized flights and travel routes for the radicalized men. It was also revealed at the court how Alqudsi recommended to the men to keep their profile low. Two men, Tyler Casey and Caner Temel, assisted by the recruiter were killed in Syria, the court heard.

The ABC stated that the telephone intercepts provided all the hidden details about the recruiter and his grooming of the young Australians. The phone recordings revealed that the man used codified language to maintain the secrecy of the conversations exchanged. He used “soccer” as the metaphor used to brainwash the young targets. “And he wants the right players in the soccer club, or else you’re not going to be playing,” Alqudsi is heard saying.

Justice Christine Adamson said that Alqudsi played a very significant link between the extremist groups’ member Mohammad Ali Baryalei and young Australians as an ISIS AU recruitment personnel. He described the mid-aged man as being “at the center of a wheel, and the men and Mr. Baryalei was the spokes.” The justice, according to 9News, added that the man felt it was his religious duty to send the young innocent people to Syria and “expected them to die there.”