Police have charged two teenagers with sexually assaulting a six-year-old schoolgirl on the northern beaches of Sydney.

According to reports, the girl reported the crime herself. She indicated being sexually assaulted on two different days in the middle of August. The police arrested both boys and brought them to Chatswood Police Station on Thursday. The arrest came following a two-week investigation. The officers reported that both of the accused boys were present on the spot while only one of them raped the girl in the second incident.

One of the boys was charged with four counts of heinous sexual assault along with two counts of sexual intercourse with an underage child. On the other hand, the other boy was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual abuse and sexual penetration on a child under 10 years of age.

The boys were granted bail for their due presence at the court on Sept. 22 and Oct. 20, respectively. NSW Police department released a statement in this respect, where it mentioned the parents of the accused will be notified as the process was already in progress. According to 9News, the law enforcement unit requested the community to respect the privacy of the young ones involved in the matter.

“NSW Police Force works closely with the Dept of Education and Family and Community Services to ensure the safety of all students, and additional support has been made available at the school,” the police statement said. “The Child Abuse Squad comprises detectives who are specially trained to investigate crimes against children, including sexual assault, physical abuse and serious cases of neglect.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the matter involving two teenagers and a young girl came to the notice of the primary school that notified the Department of Education, which took the issue to the NSW Police’s Child Abuse Squad.