Following the increase in temperature across the nation, Energy Australia has proposed a national plan for renewable energy. This will not only make power available to Aussies but will also ensure power supply at an affordable range. The energy station has, in short, called for the availability of clean energy.

Seeing the increase in demand for power supply in Australia after the heat waves and frequent power outages, Energy Australia has asked shifting to renewable energy. The coal-fired power station has featured a full-page advertisement in a national broadsheet calling on to the energy authorities to listen to the request. “I am worried about our customers and what will happen with their bills,” Energy Australia’s managing director Catherine Tanna said.

“We’ve seen that customers over the weekend in some places in Australia used 25 per cent more than usual. In a couple of months when these bills turn up they are going to get a surprise and I am worried about that because I know that the cost of living is a concern for them.”

The managing director called renewable energy as a “long term” solution. She added that the source of energy such as coal will exhaust in the next 20 years. She said that the people need to accept the reality and plan for an alternative. By shifting to renewable energy as the source of power, it can be ensured that the customers’ do not have to pay higher bills, the Energy Australia professional said.

Energy Australia MD Requests Change in Current Energy Policies

Tanna agreed that renewable sources of energy, though quite expensive, are affordable for the public. “As at today, newer forms of energy are more expensive than some of the older forms of energy, but over the next 20 years those older, cheaper forms of energy are going to retire,” she told The Business. “That’s a reality and that’s why we need a plan to transition into those newer forms of energy.”

While talking to Elysse, the Energy Australia MD seemed to second the proposals agreed upon by an alliance of 18 groups. The groups, including the Australian Aluminium Council, the Business Council of Australia and World Wildlife Fund, released a joint statement in which they asked energy authorities to ensure a non-partisan transition to current energy policy.

Tanna said that it was very important for energy policy makers to analyze the problem and sit together to get a valid solution. A national plan for renewable energy is what Australia needs to ensure a “lower-emission economy,” she added.

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