A recent report has revealed that the performance of students in Maths has prompted the Australia Maths crisis along with declining marks in Science.

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) released a report on Tuesday that indicated the deteriorating performances of students in its latest findings. The 2015 TIMSS report took into consideration the students’ achievement in both subjects at Year 4 and Year 8. Aside from Australia, other countries have also been part of the study since 1995.

The latest report has shown a little improvement in the score for Year 4 Maths as compared to the result of 1995. This improvement has been recorded as the performance in 2007 was quite significant. The results are shocking, as the nation has dropped 10 spots lower since 2011 as far as Year 4 Maths is concerned while it lowered its position by five spots in Year 8 Maths and Year 4 Science.

Education Minister on Australia Maths Crisis

Education Minister Simon Birmingham said that he was quite “embarrassed for Australia” after seeing such a result from the students. He mentioned that he did not expect Aussie students to be left behind countries like Kazakhstan and Slovenia relating to their performance in Maths and Science.

“I think they’re appalling results,” the senator said on Wednesday as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald. “I am embarrassed for Australia that we are not performing at the standard that we would expect our schools to perform.” Birmingham also seconded the educational researchers’ thought, according to which the results are a “wake up call” for Australia so that the nation re-examines the curriculum to improve the students’ performance.

From 1995 to 2015, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Chinese Taipei acquired higher ranks on the list of students, performing steadily in Maths and Science. On the other hand, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and the US showed significant improvement, thereby leaving Australia behind.

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