The far right-wing parties of Australia are inculcating the idea of ending “Islamisation of Australia” in the style of US presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Jim Saleam, the chairman of the Australia First Party, said that the party is trying to use the federal elections as a medium to mobilise support for such revolutions.

Currently, there are a number of issues that could help build up support for the right wing parties like the Australia First Party. These include issues like the rising popularity of Trump in the US and the threats of terrorism.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned last year that a splinter right-wing movement can cause serious damage to the coalition.

“The last thing we need is another conservative party, particularly a rogue conservative party that is raging against the world. That’s the last thing we need,” Abbott told the Fairfax Media last year after being deposed off as the prime minister of Australia. He added that the emergence of One Nation almost cost John Howard his prime ministership in 1998.

Earlier this month, a right-wing party which advocates the idea of banning Muslim immigration like Trump said its membership quadrupled. The numbers increased with the disaffected members of the Liberal and National party comprising the bulk of new joiners, the Illawarra Mercury reported.

In the upcoming federal elections, the Australian First Party will also have candidates including Saleam, who will be contesting the western Sydney seat of Lindsay. However, the party is not really interested in winning. Its main motive is to spread its message through the election process.

“We see the electoral process as a chance to put some of our views out there but also an opportunity to mobilise people around movements and issues,” Saleam was quoted as saying by the The party’s policies include limiting immigration to white Europeans and an end to multiculturalism.

“I had the great privilege of being born into that sort of Australia. And I made a personal decision many years ago that my children would die in that sort of Australia,” he added.