Looking for cheaper fuel? Download the “GasBuddy” app on your phone and get information on petrol prices in your area. The app, which launched today in Australia, promises to help users find cheapest fuel to fill their vehicles with.

The app is a simple community collaboration initiative. This means that for a user to get relevant information, the app needs to be downloaded and used by a number of users. According to Gizmodo, the core idea of the app is simple. When drivers drive past any petrol pump in Australia, they can key in the prices for the different grades of unleaded petrol, diesel and LPG fuel at that petrol station and submit them to the GasBuddy database.

To submit prices, users will first have to download the app on their mobile phones. This price database will get updated in real time when other users confirm those prices after seeing them, or submit updates if prices change. Users get points on adding prices. One they reach a certain level, they get eligible to enter a draw for a $100 fuel voucher.

Sydney Morning Herald informs that according to “GasBuddy’s” country manager, Nic Moulis, the trials in Sydney have been successful. However, to be successful, it will need a huge number of users similar to those in other countries including North America and Canada.

The app’s Australia team has a huge target before them—to be downloaded in the mobiles of around 500,000 vehicle users. The app has tied up with Uber to place the app in 50,000 of its vehicles to start with. “Gasbuddy” also aims at offering $36,000 on fuel giveaways to attract downloads. “In our view, the first few weeks of download will be strong and the consumer will directly engage directly with this product and our product will start to get smarter and smarter,” informed Moulis.