Australia’s anti-Muslim views have always been in the news. A newspaper daily took the responsibility to find out the rate of people who suffer from Islamophobia in the country. Hence, it conducted an Essential poll to figure out the anti-Muslim views in Australia.

The Australian newspaper has conducted a survey in which it asked Aussies about their views on US President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. It was discovered that 41 percent of the people supported the ban while 46 percent of them opposed it. However, 4 percent of the people surveyed did not know about the issue. The figures obtained were quite surprising.

A previously conducted Essential poll (conducted September 2016) 49 percent people supported banning Muslims from entering Australia. On the other hand, 40 percent were against the ban. The changing mindset of the nationals regarding Islamophobia was quite unexpected but it indicates the Australians’ acceptance of the diverse cultures.

A Newspoll conducted recently has also shown that almost 44 percent of the respondents favored Trump’s Muslim ban while 45 percent people found the ban an inappropriate step. The survey, therefore, prompted an expected increase in the support for the anti-Muslim One Nation party. The Newspoll result claimed that many Muslims might feel unwelcome in Australia.

The results have revealed that anti-Muslim and anti-Islam behavior of Australians has hugely been influenced by the increasing number of people migrating from Muslim-majority nations and escalating fear of terrorism. It is the rate of influx of Muslims from the Muslim-dominant nations and the reaction of the public in the recipient countries that led to the study of Islamophobia.

Islamophobia Explained

Islamophobia has been explained in varied ways by different sources. A 1997 report, according to the ABC, explained Islamophobia as a way of identifying and referring to hatred of Islam, including speculated prejudice and hostility for Muslims.

Influential political scientist Erik Bleich also defined the term in 2011. He described Islamophobia as “indiscriminate negative attitudes or emotions directed at Islam or Muslims.” The range of indiscriminate and negative behavior and emotions also include a wide range of attitudes. Some of such attitudes include jealousy, disdain, anxiety, aversion, suspicion, rejection, anger, fear, contempt, disgust, and hostility.

Besides the Islamophobia issue, Australia is known for its racist attitude towards the Aboriginal community. However, a recent documentary on SBS “Is Australia Racist,” featured two examples – one showed an Aussie’s negative attitude towards a Muslim woman on her outfit while another featured an Aussie fighting the negative behavior of another Australian to protect a Muslim woman from abuses.

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