Much-awaited black comedy Down Under Aussie director Abe Forsythe has commented on Australia’s public airing of racist attitude.

The maker called Australia “racist” as it seems to legally accept the racist comment.”When I was writing the script, we weren’t talking about this issue,” he said. “My initial impulse was to get us talking. Now it’s bubbling up but it seems like a lot of people are yelling at each other and not listening to each other.”

The actor-turned-director has raised his voice against racism following TV personality Sonia Kruger’s call for stopping the influx of refugees from Muslim countries. The host of the Channel Nine’s Today Extra discussed an article written by ABC’s columnist Andrew Bolt. In his article, he mentioned that the reason behind the terror attacks is the casual intake of migrants from war-affected nations. While discussing the article, Kruger said that it is necessary to make immigration policies of the nation stricter to make Australians feel safe.

Forsythe called Kruger’s comment a “completely irresponsible” one. He said that it was neither the right place nor the right time for such a statement. “On a practical level, it could never work but all it does is inflame the situation for people that choose not to educate themselves about the issue. If anything, it just gives people more of a reason to feel legitimized in their completely illegitimate thoughts,” he said.

The Aussie director also mentioned the Cronulla riots of 2005 in the same context. He said that the incident was not taken seriously by Australia. Sydney Morning Herald stated that Australia seemed to tackle racist attitudes and incidents casually then and even now, which is worsening the situation.

Down Under is scheduled to release in August. The movie contains two songs composed by Kruger’s colleague and Nine Network’s Today Extra’s co-host David Campbell. Forsythe spent almost six years scripting the movie to bringing it to the big screen. The movie is about racism.