An Australian cabbie was shocked when he was asked to pay a fine worth $100 for wearing brown shoes.

The Sydney-based cabbie was waiting for passengers at a casino taxi rank when the authorities asked him to pay the penalty for such a weird reason. According to, NSW police officials noted that wearing a wrong uniform in a taxi rank was a crime, but the law has been changed under reforms introduced in December. However, wearing brown shoes is not the only crazy law that disturbs Australians. There are lot of such bizarre and weird laws that one will come across while searching for the craziest rules followed in Australia.

Some of the weirdest laws reported are as follows:

  • Children are not allowed to buy alcohol, cigarettes or condoms, but there is no law that prohibits them to use such according to The Chambers Institute of Victoria list.
  • You cannot leave your car keys inside a vehicle that is unattended, also according to The Chambers Institute  and a report from IBT AU.
  • It is not legal to possess more than 50 kilogrammes of potatoes in Western Australia. If one does so, he/she is an offender under a law from 1946, according to
  • In Australia, it is illegal to wear black clothes, felt shoes and roam about the streets with black shoe polish says The Chambers Institute and IBT AU.

There are a lot more that are listed on the world wide web. Updates are certainly needed to sort out and uncover the reasons behind existing rules to establish facts from urban legends.