Australian health care has been dubbed as the second best in the developed world by a group of American researchers. Interestingly enough, said researchers announced that America has the worst health care in the developed world, which might ruffle a few feathers. Britain barely edged out Australia to take the number one spot, but there’s nothing wrong with getting second place, especially if it involves having a healthy country.

The research can be found in Commonwealth Fund, where the results of the research was posted for everyone to see. “Australia ranks highest on Administrative Efficiency and Health Care Outcomes, is among the top-ranked countries on Care Process and Access, but ranks low on Equity,” according to the researchers. For those wondering why the UK is number one, here is what the researchers had to say: “In general, the U.K. achieves superior performance compared to other countries in all areas except Health Care Outcomes, where it ranks 10th despite experiencing the fastest reduction in deaths amenable to health care in the past decade.”

Here is the official rankings for those curious about the overall rankings:

  1. Britain
  2. Australia
  3. Netherlands
  4. New Zealand
  5. Norway
  6. Sweden
  7. Switzerland
  8. Germany
  9. Canada
  10. France
  11. America

Before Australians start patting themselves on the back for their success, doctors were quick to point out how the country ranked the lowest in equity. “All self-congratulations and praise should be tempered by the realisation that Australia ranks very poorly on equity,” Dr Lesley Russell from the University of Sydney’s Menzies Centre for Health Policy says. “This indicates that the universality of Medicare is being undermined by difficulties in affordable access for many Australians”, she says to The Sydney Morning Herald.

It looks like Australia still has its own share of health care problems and the government will have to do better so everyone can access it. Now that the research has been done, it looks like we will see a more concentrated effort for the country to better itself.