It seems like Australia’s gaming industry has scored big again last year. The country’s Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) has found and confirmed that there has been another double-digit growth in video game sales alone as revenue jumps to $2.83 billion last year.

For the first time ever, Australia’s digital sales have also managed to outperform traditional video game retail sales. Sales of digital content for video games have grown 27 percent, which amounts to $1.6 billion. Video game retail sales, on the other hand, has reached $1.24 billion, adding a two percent total value over that of last year.

Additional data from the NPD Group Australia and the IGEA says that current generation console systems have also boosted the sales growth of both software and accessories, as well as digital game downloads. On the other hand, the mobile gaming segment continues to dominate the industry in Australia.

“It has been another very strong year of growth for the Australian video games industry,” said IGEA CEO Ron Curry. “Digital sales continue to surge in Australia as consumers become increasingly comfortable purchasing downloaded versions and additional content of their favourite games. The current generation of consoles have been adopted rapidly by Australians, highlighting that gaming culture has become well and truly mainstream in the intervening years. This has had a flow on effect to the increased sale of both packaged games and digital content.”

Curry emphasised, however, that the research still shows that there is a huge demand for traditional retail boxed games. About 39 percent of gamers still prefer physical copies of video games as it can be added to one’s collection and it can also be given as a gift to other gamers.

Overall, the different distribution channels and means for the video game industry has played a big part in its growth. While physical copy of PC games have slumped last year, console and mobile gaming have bolstered the market to where it is now.