New Zealand-born NRL star James Tamou has refused to become an Australian citizen. Australian Prop Tamou has refused to become an Australian citizen as the fees are a “rip-off”.

James Tamou, 27, was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia when he was 13. Tamou earns around $550,000 a season and $30,000 for each state and $20,000 per test for Australia. The Prop’s contract with North Queensland Cowboys will end this year and all the rival teams are interested in him, which means his earnings are going to increase, reported Mail Online.

However, Tomou believes that paying $1000 to get Australian citizenship is too expensive for him, reported Mail Online.

Tamou started applying for Australian citizenship in 2013, but because of the expense he gave up. After three years of waiting, Tamou is stuck with a New Zealand passport as according to him he was hindered by the Department of Immigration and Border Control in his attempt for Australian citizenship.

Tamou said, “I’m still not an Australian citizen.”

He told The Courier Mail, “Mate, have you seen the cost of it (applying to become an Australian citizen) these days? It’s going to cost me around a thousand bucks. It’s a rip-off. It’s highway robbery. I’d rather spend that sort of money on the kids than a piece of paper.’’

Tamou’s wife is going to give birth to their third child and the NRL star said that he really wanted Australian citizenship as his family was extending.

He affirmed, “I am definitely keen to get my Aussie citizenship, it’s just getting around to doing the paperwork.”

Tomou also said, “Down the track, I guess it’s something I should do because I’ll have three kids soon and they’ll all be true-blue Aussies. It’s just so bloody expensive.’’

James Tamou is going to play his 12th test for Australia on Friday night when the team will play against New Zealand in the Anzac Test.

The NRL star stated, “I really cherish putting on the green and gold jumper.”