Australia remains without a government for another week after Australia elections 2016, and the counting of votes seems to indicate a hung parliament as of now.

The labor party or the coalition needs to secure 76 seats to record a win and form a full majority government. However, the Australian Electoral Commission’s provision count has shown that until 11 am Wednesday, Labor grabbed 71 seats while the Coalition lagged behind with 70 seats. It also indicated that five seats have been distributed among independents and minor parties, whereas the remaining four seats are still in doubt. The latest figures show how difficult it is for any of the major parties to secure winning votes to form a government with a full majority.

As of 2:50 pm Thursday, the Coalition has managed to grab 73 seats while the Labor party lags behind with 66 seats, with six seats remaining in doubt. The seats in doubt include Forde, Cowan, Capricornia, Flynn, Herbert and Hindmarsh. Seeing the current status, ABC election analyst Antony Green predicted that the coalition might win 76 seats, though it’s not likely. “I think they can get up to 76,” Green told Radio National. “Seventy-three is a definite, 74 is also likely, 75 is possible, 76 is less possible.”

The counting is still continuing, with the results expected not before August. According to Green’s analysis, the coalition has strong chances of winning the seats of Chisholm, Dunkle and Gilmore. The ultimate results seem unpredictable, though. What coalition scrutineers have to say is that they are quite positive about the Forde seat while the coalition has the same feeling for Cowan.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who seemed deterred for quite some time by the unexpected counting results, appeared calm on Thursday morning. He told the ABC that he has a very good feeling about the counts. On Wednesday, he reiterated that he was certain about forming a majority government in 2016.

Meanwhile, Treasurer Scott Morrison also showed his positive reaction on the seat counts after Australia elections 2016. “The prime minister is talking to cross-benchers, he’s talking to his colleagues, he’s preparing to re-form the government and we believe there’s every likelihood that could be done as a majority,” he said on Sky News on Wednesday.