It was another successful drug bust in Australia. Police arrested 12 people while busting a syndicate around Sydney. Officers also seized drugs worth millions.

The arrested people consisted of nine men and three women. All of them belonged to the 19-32 age group. They have now been charged with several drug offences. Their offences include possessing illegal drugs and supplying those.

There were six simultaneous raids in suburbs which included searches in West Hoxton, Fairfield West, Kellyville and St Marys. The raids started at 8 pm. Officers seized cash and methamphetamines from the scenes.

According to Sydney City Police Acting Superintendent Leanne McCusker, officers have been on the case for several months now. There has been a secret investigation into the syndicate for some time, she said.

“Following this investigation, police will allege that the large scale drug supply from this organized group was a commercial amount of methamphetamine that was being distributed across the Sydney area,” McCusker said.

According to her, there was a “large seizure” of drugs during the raids. She added that the group of arrested people would be accused of running an organized syndicate in the region. Police allege that the syndicate has been operating around Sydney for some time now.

McCusker also said that the investigation was still going on. If other people are involved in the syndicate, officers will investigate further into it, she said.

According to McCusker, a large number of Sydney City Police officers conducted the raids. They were assisted by the Public Order and Riot Squad, the Dog Unit and the Tactical Operations Unit.

The successful drug bust helped police seize drugs worth millions. It is believed that the seized drugs have high street value.

According to McCusker, the drug bust will surely have an influence on the supply chain. She said police would continue to investigate into the drug supply, a major problem in Sydney. She added that no bikie gang was linked to the syndicate.

The ABC reported that the accused in the drug bust would appear in Parramatta Local Court today.