“Criminally insane” Kiwis have been deported back from Australia, without any formal notification to New Zealand authorities, on an uninformed date.

New Zealand authorities have drawn concern over the deportation where none was notified to receive the insanely dangerous criminals. Top mental health experts alerted the potentially dangerous move, harmful for other Kiwis.

Director of Mental Health, Dr John Crawshaw, revealed that he received information of some of the deportees being picked. The data was unclear and incomplete.

Health authorities struggled to find out the number of deportees not picked by the authorities after an NGO received a undefined number of deportees.

The agreement between the countries was signed last year in September.

According to the officials, the agreement has been in talks from several years. An information-sharing deal was also signed with Australia, which mentioned six months of advance notice to New Zealand before the deportation of criminals.

The agreement was discussed and issues were raised during the agreement signed in September 2015. Information such as – criminal conviction records, gang connections and fingerprints were also included in the agreement for proper records.

The governmental health authorities are buckling down their efforts to identify forensic mental health patients roaming around.

“I understand that agencies are working together to assess the health needs of deportees as they return. Police and other agencies continue to work with Australian authorities regarding the information sharing arrangement,” said Crawshaw.

In 2014, Australia amended strong guidelines in its immigration laws, which had cancellation of visas of anyone sentenced to more than 12 months in prison, for offences. The number of deportations has increased with the stiffening of laws, due to which authorities find hard to track the criminals.

Australian officials said that around 1000 criminals of kinds – killers, sex offenders, drug dealers and outlaw bikies, would be deported in next five years of the plan.