Ever thought of any military mission in movies that encourages people to have lamb? Well its not a joke since a commercial on Australia Day released last week on Youtube, boasting people to have lamb. But, the serious deal is with vegans who have criticized the commercial for disrespecting a large segment of indigenous Australians.

The advert released by Meat and Livestock Australia featuring Lee Lin Chin has portrayed the mission of bringing back stranded Australians. It shows a SWAT team visiting different foreign cities and pulling back Aussies.

Over a row of complaints, Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) noted that most complaints were coming from vegans reporting it as discriminatory. One scene shows a SWAT commander bursting into the house and calling a bearded guy to come with him saying “you would be eating lamb in the next few hours.” In reply, the bearded guy says “I am vegan.” In the next shot, a fire-gun burns off Tofu on the table.

Andrew Howie, Marketing director for MLA tried to get a safer side.

“Consumers are free to make up their own minds in relation to lifestyle choices, including what they eat. We appreciate that not all Australians eat lamb”.

“MLA is also aware of some complaints about the use of the word “boomerang” in the advertisement. It is not our intention to cause any offense through the use of this term which is used to symbolise Australians returning home for Australia Day,” added Andrew.

The advert has been criticized for the Australian Soldiers entering other foreign countries, making fun of vegans. The usage of “operation boomerang” by Lee was also termed offensive by vegans.

The video was shot for $1.2 million and is scheduled for screening until January 26.

The video also stars retired cricketer, Mitchell Johnson, Sam Kekovich, the Wallabies captain, and Stephen Moore.