January 26 will be Australia Day 2017. Perth is all ready to celebrate the day with the best fireworks display as well as backyard barbecues. The Skyworks fireworks will begin at 8 p.m. Besides the formal way of celebration, there will be free entertainment and activities for people in Perth to enjoy.

The Australia Day 2017 organizers in Perth believe that almost 300,000 people will watch the adventurous work of fire in the sky while sitting along the city and foreshores of South Perth and also Kings Park. There will be fascinating rides and market stalls to be set up in Langley Park after 3 p.m to help kids enjoy the day. The water playground, petting zoo and kids’ carnival are yet another pleasures of kids in Perth.

Australia Day 2017 – Perth Program Schedule

A Birak Concert will be held at the Supreme Court Gardens. This is a concert held to celebrate the cultures of Aboriginal community as well as Tores Strait Islanders. There is music, art, dance and food to cherish the occasion. It is expected to continue through 3 p.m to 7:30 p.m.

South Perth’s Sir James Mitchell Park will convert into the “Celebration Zone” on Australia Day 2017. This will remain a smoke-free and alcohol-free area on the day. Around 100 types of activities will be held for visitors of different age groups. The program will commence from 3 p.m and continue until 7:30 p.m.

People will be allowed to sit in the Kings Park lawn and watch the fireworks. A higher vantage point gives the fireworks a more fascinating look. To enter the venue, gold coin donation is expected to the Friends of Kings Park. Ahead of the fireworks, there will be an air show that will feature vintage aircraft, planes and helicopters in the air.

Other Significance of Australia Day 2017

Australia Day 2017 is a public holiday in the nation where several people get a chance to receive Australian citizenship during the ceremonies held across West Australia. About 800 people are expected to participate this year. Clarkson resident Nilesh Sewpal shifted to Australia in 2012 with family. The South African family of five, including Sewpal’s wife and three daughters lived in Darwin earlier but shifted to Perth in 2014.

Sewpal said that he was awaiting ceremonies to become an Australian citizen.”I love the cultural diversity in Australia, its warm and friendly people and the fact that all people are treated equally. I’m proud to call Australia my home,” he said as quoted by WA Today.

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