Australia Day lamb ads are a common initiative taken every year with 2017 advertisement being different. Meat and Livestock Australia has come up with an ad that does not mention the name of the event even once. However, the ad still has a message.

Australia Day lamb ads symbolize traditional patriotism to remind Aussies that January 26 represents national unity. The 2017 ad mocks those who might not be celebrating the day in a proper manner. The ad targets vegans and “foreign” food lovers in general.

Though the Australia Day 2017 ad does not use the name of the day, it is being considered as a message-packed initiative. The ad clearly sends a message of unity to audiences. It makes sure to indicate Australia’s acceptance for all people irrespective of a person’s religion, gender, race, and original belonging. It is seen as the most political ad till date.

In the Australia Day ad 2017, the audiences find three Indigenous Aussies enjoying a BBQ while claiming to be “first here.”  Soon a procession of boats arrives that included Dutch followed by the British. Then gradually the others reach the island, including French, Germany, Chinese, Italians, and Greek respectively to name a few.

The “boat people” reached on the beach. The refugees on the boat, however, in the ad seemed to be locked up because of Aussie Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton’s strict offshore detection rues. “Hang on, aren’t we all boat people?” Masterchef contestant Poh Ling Yeow asked.

Australia Day Date Controversy

There has been a huge controversy for a long time regarding the official shifting of the Australia Day date from January 26. However, the Indigenous community finds the date an offensive one and considers it an “Invasion Day” rather. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, January 26 marks the anniversary of the arrival of “First Fleet” in 1788 and hence the Aboriginal community is not comfortable with the date being celebrated as the day of national importance.

In such a scenario, the new Australia Day 2017 ad is being considered as an initiative that reminds the nationals about the united Australia. In short, the ad indicates that Aussie unity cannot be judged by the date on which the national day is celebrated. It is rather indicated by the sense of unity and patriotism the citizens have.

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