Australia Day 2017 billboard ad featuring two Muslim women and Australian flag is back despite receiving huge criticisms. Australians have donated almost $10,000 per hour on Wednesday showing support for the banner. With such crowdfunding and support, the billboard ad display gets a green signal.

When a far-right group posted the ad on a social media website, it received a number of comments. There was a mixed reaction among the Aussies. Where a particular portion of population found the Australia Day 2017 ad as an insensitive approach towards indicating the importance of the national day, there were people who had a positive view. According to them, QMS’s billboard ad was an appropriate way of symbolizing the multiculturalism of Australia.

As the number of negative comments seemed to be disturbing, the Victorian government pulled off the ad. On Tuesday, Victorian Multiculturalism Affairs Minister Robin Scott confirmed the removal of the ad from a Melbourne street. But the crowdfunding received in favour of the Australia Day 2017 ad had a different story to tell. It showed the support the Aussies had for the ad. As a result of this, the state government has decided to bring the ad back.

Australia Day 2017 Crowdfunding Utilization

Australia Day 2017 ad campaign co-ordinator Dee Madigan said that the cash received from the crowdfunding scheme will be used to display the poster on multiple billboards. The posters will have the smiling faces of young girls wearing hijabs. “We are overwhelmed with the support and have increased our target so that there can be multiple billboards across the country in time for Australia Day,” Madigan updated public through the fundraising page on Wednesday night as quoted by

The population having negative views about the Australia Day 2017 ad have already celebrated the withdrawal of the ad on Tuesday. However, they need to be ready now to face the posters until January 26.

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