Australia Day 2017 billboard advertisement has once again shown that the nation is still unprepared to accept cultural diversity in the nation. The ad features two Muslim women and an Australian flag. The public has reacted on the OOH advertisement and criticized the same online.

The two women are wearing hijabs in the Australia Day 2017 billboard ad and hence the ad has invited controversy. The advertisement was about an event to be sponsored by RACV. The poster appeared at Melbourne’s King’s Domain Gardens alongside the Peninsula Link Freeway. The post has been originally shared by far-right Facebook groups and has been shared thousands of times online and has invited several comments, mostly negative. The comments claimed that the women in the ad are Muslims and they did not represent an Australian population.

“Where’s the BBQ, beach, sun, bikinis? At a quick glance looks like a billboard for an immigration school,” one of the users commented. “This board does not represent Australia and how we celebrate it!!”  “I wonder what would happen in a Muslim country if they put up a billboard with girls in bikinis and shirtless guys having a beer around a BBQ?????” another user commented.

Some Supported Australia Day 2017 Billboard Ad

While a majority of the Aussie population seemed to oppose the Australia Day 2017 ad, there have been some who supported the same. The supporters appeared between Rutherford and Dandenong/Frankston roads, according to Yahoo News. They said that the posters are a reflection of the multiculturalism in the nation.

“So whats the problem?!! Are the people in the poster not Australian?! Thats (sic) the whole point, INCLUSION. “It doesn’t matter what is on the board. Only thing is Australia is [a] multicultural county and everyone who lives there must be proud [of] Australia. So stop that nonsense,” one of the supporters of the Australia Day 2017 ad wrote.

“I don’t get why people seem to think that one race or any race owns any land more so then the other. Those views are so close minded. We share this earth together, even if you don’t like it,” another user in favor of the billboard commented.

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