Down Under will celebrate Australia Day tomorrow (Jan. 26) with flair and coolness.

Twitter recently launched a cute koala emoji to commemorate the special day.

According to ABC News, the koala emoji will be automatically generated when Twitter users include the tag #AustraliaDay on tweets.

The new emoji, which features a koala sporting green and gold sunglasses, received various reactions on social media. One Twitter user, Adam Spence, described the image as a koala trying to hide a hangover.

Photos and messages shared on social media on Tuesday, using the hashtag #AustraliaDay, will be collected and displayed in a live digital exhibition at the National Museum of Australia in the country’s capital, Canberra.

Museum director Mathew Trinca said tweets would become a permanent visual record of celebrations across the country. He shared, “These images will be stored in a time capsule at the National Museum in perpetuity.”

There has been a 50 percent increase in the number of #AustraliaDay mentions over the last two years, the Daily Mail reported.

Julie Inman Grant, the Twitter director of public policy for Australia-SE Asia, encouraged the public snap a photo or shoot a video and Tweet it with the hashtag #AustraliaDay to generate the emoji.

“Many Australians will be out and about on 26 January, celebrating the day with friends and family. This is an opportunity for them to be part of a national digital snapshot that captures the great diversity of our nation and just how colourful Australia Day is,” she said.

Meanwhile, here are some tidbits about Australia Day.

Australia Day

1. Australia Day commemorates the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson, now part of Sydney, in 1788.

2. The main figures of Australia Day are the symbols of Australia. These include the national flag, with its representations of the Union Jack, the Commonwealth Star and the five stars of the Southern Cross as well as the national anthem “Advance Australia Fair.” Other symbols include the Golden Wattle, which is the national floral emblem; the opal, recognised as the national gemstone; and the national colors of green and gold, wrote.

3. Most Australians celebrate this day in relaxation with family and friends. Activities include a picnic or barbecue, an outing to the beach or nearest park, or attending an official Australia Day event.

4. If you want to become an honorary Australian for the day, you can wave the national flag, eat a lamington, sport an Akubra or wear the national sporting colours of green and gold, wrote.

5. Some also get out and enjoy concerts and outdoor performances.

6. You can also catch the Ferrython, a beloved Australia Day tradition in Sydney.

7. During this day, Sydney Harbour will be busy with the Australia Day Harbour Parade. Fireworks are also expected.

8. For those who are waiting to be Australian citizens, the citizenship ceremonies are held around the country at several community events.