The Australian Bureau of Statistics appears to be witnessing a successful Australia Census 2016 with almost 95 percent household taking part in the survey.

The national survey program manager, Duncan Young, stated that the ABS will see a “high-quality census” in 2016 despite the collapse of the website on the census night. With two more days left to record census details, several households gave shown a positive response to the whole digitalized process. Young said that the data might show the response rate to be considerable, the final participation rate will only be visible after all the data is lodged and processed.

It has, however, been reported that not all Aussies were participating in the Census 2016, not by their will but they are lodging their form to get rid of the fine of up to $180 per day for failing to respond to the census questions until the very deadline is passed. The frequency of participation might be huge but is yet lesser than what was seen in the previous years’.

The participation of Australians in the national survey in 2011 was 98 percent, which made the ABS a world leader in terms of Census participation. Following the collapse of the website, the data will continue to be recorded in paper forms and will be received at ABS Data Capture Center over the next week.

“If a person chooses not to participate in the Census, the Australian Statistician has the power under the Census and Statistics Act 1905 to direct them in writing to do so by issuing a Notice of Direction,” quoted an ABS spokesman as saying. “The individual is then legally obliged to do so.”

In Australia Census 2016, if a person failed to lodge his/her form, his matter will be referred to the Director of Public Prosecution where the person will be prosecuted with the fine. Around 50,000 households are still left to complete the Post Enumeration Survey. Once the PES is filled, these households will be randomly selected for further questioning for relevant answers in a 10-minute interview.