Recent reports have suggested Australia is likely to be affected by Zika virus as imported by travellers from affected areas. This, therefore, poses a big question mark on the ability of the nation to cope up with the effects of the virus.

With the latest hit of the virus in Latin America, Australia has already started taking preparations to fight the virus in case it strikes the nation any time. According to health experts, the Zika virus is a mild disease that is connected to microcephaly, which does not allow proper development of a foetus’ brain. Pregnant women across the world have been asked to remain careful as there are chances of their babies being born with the rare condition in case they are affected by the Zika virus.

It has been discovered that the same species of mosquito that spreads Zika is found in far North Queensland, but Australia has little chances of facing such a disease outbreak according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Mosquito-borne viruses expert Cameron Webb told Sky News that the virus is likely to spread in Far North Queensland, but the state is ready to deal with it.

“We’re very fortunate that the authorities in Far North Queensland have a lot of experience dealing with these small outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases,” Webb said. “Exactly the same mosquito that spreads dengue fever in Far North Queensland is the species that’s spreading Zika virus.”

He added that the authorities have a strategic plan ready to take immediate action in case the virus enters the nation. Referring to pregnant women’s chances of getting severely affected by the virus, Webb said that in case women can’t avoid their trips, they must take proper precautions.

“If you are travelling to these areas, if you are a man or a woman, pregnant or not, you should be using mosquito repellants to provide the best protection against these mosquitoes that may be transmitting the Zika virus in South and Central America,” he said.