The number of refugees welcomed and resettled in Canada is around 20,000, while that in Australia is only 26. The former has accommodated refugees 800 times more than that in Australia in a period of three months.

In around twice the time, Australia’s delay in resettling refugees has compelled families staying in the Middle East to enter Europe. In this connection, Labor has raised concerns and has asked for an explanation from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on the apologetic position being exhibited five months after the announcement made by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott regarding resettling 12,000 refugees in Australia “as quickly as possible.”

The Australian reported that Dutton seemed to defend his position on the pace at which the nation has been resettling refugees from Syria. He said that just to achieve the promised limit of resettling refugees, the nation could not take chance by ignoring or rushing the security checks. “We are not going to compromise in any case our national security,” Dutton told 2GB Radio from Washington DC.

The immigration minister told reporters that there are several security measures, including database intelligence checks, biometric screening, etc. which countries like the UK, the US and Canada are planning to implement to ensure safe entrance of people into the nation. He added that the nation wanted to help the refugees who were in search of a new life. He said that what Canada’s resettling of 20,049 refugees from Syria in three months was the matter of that nation.

Meanwhile, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has stated that Syrian families that were staying in nations like Jordan and Lebanon were searching for food, shelter, education and work. They have been crossing the Mediterranean risking their lives for their basic needs. However, it has also been revealed that the refugee settlement agencies across Australia responsible for providing rented rooms and staff for refugees’ assistance have been instructed to put their actions and plans on hold, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.