The Australian government has given approval to the local supply of marijuana throughout the nation. It has also indicated to loosen importation laws. Marijuana is a drug that is used to treat patients with chronic and painful diseases, including cancer.

The new scheme of the government is scheduled to be introduced in eight weeks. Marijuana, until now, was being sourced from foreign nations on the basis of as and when demands. However, the new government scheme will encourage local cultivation of the medication and its local supply. The government will allow an interim fast track on importation while crops are grown.

Health Minister Greg Hunt is all set to make an official announcement about the new scheme. Australians will be able to access marijuana in their own country if a doctor prescribes the drug. Besides treating cancer, the medication also helps in treating epilepsy and motor neuron diseases. Hunt said that it was the first time when the Aussie government would support interim import process for marijuana supply.

Hunt added that the interim importation of the drug would ensure enough availability of it for people whenever they need it on a prescription basis. “That won’t happen overnight, but what we’ve done here is issue a call for people to be able to establish an interim supply for and within Australia through importation,” he said. “Last year, the law was put in place which made medicinal cannabis available. Now, however, I want to … deal immediately with the question of supply.”

Narcotics Drugs Amendment Bill 2016

The Narcotics Drugs Amendment Bill 2016 proposed to establish licensing and permit schemes for the cultivation and production of cannabis and cannabis resin for both medicinal as well as scientific purposes. The bill was passed in both the houses of parliament in February 2016. Gizmodo Australia mentioned that the first license for the private cultivation of the medication was issued last week. Victoria, however, has already harvested its first crop, which will be used for patients suffering from epilepsy.

Hunt praised Victoria for its quick response to the legal changes relating to marijuana cultivation. He also specified the need for patients for “safe, high-quality, appropriately obtained medicine.” With Hunt indicating the local supply of marijuana along with the provision of interim importation of the same, Aussies will be assured of a sufficient stock for patients.  “Ultimately this is about the Government doing the right thing under the strictest conditions. Safety and quality are paramount,” he said.

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