Austin Mahone has been very open about his love for Katya Elise Henry. But are they secretly married?

Mahone reveals on E! Online that he was really smitten by the brunette and he said without a doubt that he will marry her. “I like her a lot. I mean, I love her!” But he went on to explain that he is taking things slow.

Additionally, he also revealed that they met through Instagram. “I mean, it’s a classic new generation kind of meet up thing,” he admitted.

“It’s crazy. I just think how funny it would be if I tell my kids one day I met her through Instagram. That will sound so funny.”

He also revealed as well that they enjoy traveling together. They are planning to go to Costa Rica very soon. “I like how adventurous she is because whenever I want to take a trip, she is down to go anywhere in like a drop of a hat!” he added.

Lastly, he said that they work out together a lot. Henry is a fitness instructor who also loves to cook for her beau.

Meanwhile, Mail Online obtained photos from they beach vacation in Miami a couple of weeks ago. According to the website, the young couple could not help but flaunt their happy relationship.

Henry looks stunning in her two-piece tiny black thong bikini. The fitness model found fame on Instagram as she currently has more than 2 million.

On the other hand, Mahone looks suave as well revealing his physique. The outlet has seen them holding hands while walking on the pristine waters.

The couple went out in public last February. Mahone had a high profile relationship with Becky G. and Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello.

Becky G. was allegedly jealous of Henry. She and Mahone dated for 8 months.

“When you let go of it, you’ve got to let go. As tough a pill as it is to swallow — if he finds happiness in another person, then it just is what it is,” she told Latina.

Meanwhile, Cabello remains single after her breakup but is now allegedly dating Shawn Mendes. More updates about Austin Mahone and Katya Elise Henry in the future.