Inequality continues to be an issue around the world, but it seems like Scott Morrison, the country’s treasurer, disagrees with that sentiment; at least when it comes to Australia. This has also lead to Morrison attacking Bill Shorten, who is planning to introduce a new tax system that will be fair for all of the country’s citizens. Said tax system was made to eliminate inequality, but only time will tell if this is enough to make things more fair.

According to The Guardian, Morrison has warned a number of sectors that have small businesses and charities that “Shorten is coming for you.” This is due to Shorten feeling that inequality is rising in the country, which the Treasurer declines, claiming that things have gotten better in recent years. “The latest census showed on the global measure of inequality, which is the Gini coefficient, that is the accepted global measure of income inequality around the world and that figure shows it hasn’t got worse, it has actually got better,” Morrison said.

“For Bill Shorten now it’s all about how he carves it up, not how he grows the economy,” Morrison said. “He is playing heavily into this idea of envy and he’s saying quite bluntly to Australians that he doesn’t have any plans to grow the economy and he just wants to have a discussion about how it is divvied up.”

The Australian Treasurer feels like no problems will be solved by upping the price for everyone’s taxes, and that Shorten should focus on growing the country’s economy. “That’s the way you address their problems, you don’t address their problems by just jacking up taxes across the board.” Shorten has yet to respond to Morrison’s criticisms, though they will be interesting to hear if he plans on addressing these concerns in the future.