An Aussie woman and her sons went missing in a popular ski field in a Japan. They have, however, been found safe. The family went missing when they did not return from their skiing trip on Monday.

Local tourist officials provided details about the incident. They said that police and rescuers started their search for the family on Monday morning at around 7:15. They located the sons after an hour and a half and their mother was recovered six minutes later. The woman, believed to be in her 50s, and her sons, seem to be in their 20s, were recovered alive from the top of a mountain.

The Nozana Onsen ski resort updated about the status of the family on Facebook. It stated that the women and her sons were fine after the Japan missing incident. “Missing family found and are all well in Nozawa Onsen,” the resort tweeted on Tuesday. “Great news and a strong message to everyone to take care in the mountains.”

A Nagano Prefectural police spokesman has said that the four of the missing victims were taken to a nearby hospital by an ambulance. The names of any of the victims have not been revealed. The victims, according to reports, are claimed to have been seriously injured.

Japan Missing Victims Found On Mountain

The four of them were stuck in the mountain, which is 1,649m in altitude. Police believed initially that the family was at an altitude of 1,600 meters. Reportedly, the family members dug themselves into a snow hole and were able to contact their relatives on social media. Police have claimed that the search for the Japan missing victims was led when the family’s relative called them to help the four of them, the ABC mentioned.

The missing victims were allowed to the mountain despite a local weather report warned tourists about the deep snow on Sunday. “Don’t head off-piste as there are some extremely unstable layers and the likelihood of becoming stuck is an almost certainty,” the Nozawa Onsen Guide website report stated.

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