Commuters on sat in horror as two women engaged in a vicious Aussie train brawl only to be even more shocked when they found out one of them is pregnant. The commotion, which lasted for eight minutes, was caught on film which has gone viral.

Fellow passengers initially ignored the two who had a loud and violent argument. But the verbal dispute filmed on Melbourne’s Hurstbridge line, turned physical after one of the women accused the other of bad mouthing her on Facebook. Commuters rushed to get out of the women’s way as they started pushing each other and trading kicks and punches.

They were even filmed rolling on the carriage floor, accusing each other of drug use. The pregnant woman went on to accuse the other of ‘hurting’ her baby, pulling up her shirt to show her belly to which the other responded: “I don’t wanna kill your f***ing kid!”

Turning to commuters, the expecting woman asked someone to call the police. When she tried to get off the train to escape, she looked for the ‘police’ button to stop the train and get off. The train finally stopped for an extended period and transportation staff got involved.

The video ends with the pregnant lady frantically looking for her bag of Jim Beam Black before getting off.

Herald Sun reports the video was uploaded on Facebook in 2015 and has since been shared numerous time and reported by several media outlets. This, however, isn’t the first Aussie train brawl to go viral. 

Train stations are apparently notorious for such event in the country. In 2014, a major fight between two men on a train in Melbourne’s northwest also caused major disruptions on the Sunbury and was recorded on video. Last year, a fight between two women were filmed on a city-bound train between South Yarra and Richmond and this March, two young girls were captured on video assaulting each other in full view of dozens of commuters at Melbourne’s Sunshine station.

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