Aussie Rugby Player nine-year-old Meaalofa Te’o has become the center of attention in America. This young player from Dendenong, Victoria wiped out their entire rival team in the grand finale at a junior rugby league in Canberra.

Footage of the game surfaced that blew the minds and captured the hearts of spectators. Te’o doesn’t look like a regular nine-year-old kid. He looks more like a miniature version of an experienced rugby player, challenging a bunch of kids his age. He also plays rugby league far better than them. It is amazing how an Aussie kid can be cited by publications such as Bleacher Report and The Washington Times. The Washington Times reportedly described him as absolutely brutal.

Footage of the boy running like crazy was tweeted under the caption ”Pure Carnage” in the official Twitter account of the USA Rugby Sevens. The video runs from exciting to hilarious. Kids from the opposing team are seen desperately trying to throw themselves in Te’o’s way clip-after-clip in efforts to overcome him. He trips at first, but that does not stop him. He simply goes ahead to obliterate the whole team in the end. The kid does not only have raw power. He has some serious speed and a nice elusive flair as well.

Rugby is of course a rough game. You would not expect nine-year-olds to play it that rough but with Te’o on the field, it does get a lot tougher.

Te’o really has something to brag about but he is actually the opposite. His father describes him as a good player with a soft heart. He said that the young boy is a very humble and very nice person off the field.

Meaalofa Te’o, the young rugby sensation, still has plenty of years ahead of him but we hope to see this Aussie rugby player in the pros someday soon.