Another Aussie man has been sentenced to death overseas over the heinous murder of a Hells Angels gang member. Thailand government has given a death penalty verdict against the murder of a man whose body was discovered without clothes in shallow grave.

Twenty-seven-year-old Antonio Bagnato has been found guilty of abducting and murdering the member of a biker gang, Wayne Schneider in 2015. The victim’s body was found buried in a sandy grave on a roadside two days after he was kidnapped. The side of the road was around 30 kilometers away in Sattahip province, which is 120 kilometers from Bangkok. According to reports, Schneider, 37, was murdered at a luxury villa located in Pattaya’s seaside resort.

The Aussie man was a former guard and business associate of the victim. Bagnato was arrested in the capital city of Cambodia, Pnomh Penh. Both the men had a gym in partnership in Sydney. The kickboxer appeared in court in prison clothes and leg irons. He pleaded not guilty in November 2015. He told the court that he was at a night club on the evening Schneider was killed. He also claimed that he slept at a woman’s residence on that day.

Judge’s Verdict on Aussie Man

Pattaya criminal court’s Judge Sirichai Polkarn gave his verdict on Tuesday. He said that Beganato “is found guilty of all charges and according to the criminal code, the penalty is execution for the murder and deprivation of liberty, plus a year in prison for hiding the body.”

Thai police believed that the murder had links with a multi-million dollar drug network that operates from Europe to Asia. Two security guards at Schneider’s villa reported to Thai police that the kidnappers wore scarves over their faces. They added that they seemed to be foreigners.

The death sentence verdict for the Aussie man has come following the call for the ban of the death penalty of Australians overseas. Along with Bagnato, another man appeared in court, The Daily Mail reported. Twenty-two-year-old American was taken into custody as he tried to cross the border into Cambodia. He was sentenced to three-year imprisonment for deprivation of liberty. However, his term of sentence was reduced as he cooperated with police in the investigation. He might be released from jail by the end of 2017.

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