Aussie cartoonist Bill Leak’s cartoon of Helen Clark alongside Kevin Rudd labelled him as a sexist.  The cartoon was criticised as it is perceived as unflattering by many. The cartoon was published in an Australian newspaper today.

The cartoon features a smiling Kevin Rudd saying, “Heaven forbid the next UN Secretary-General will be yet another man in a blue tie, eh Helen?”

In answer Helen Clark answers, “It’s not a beauty contest, Kevin.”

Mark Di Stefano, Political Editor of BuzzFeedOz, has criticized the Aussie cartoonist for the cartoon, reported TVNZ. He tweeted, “Bill Leak is just so consistently a sexist prick.”

Twitterati  supported Stefano and people tweeted expressing their views.

Paul Bongiorno tweeted, “@MarkDiStef Dunno what happened to Bill going the way of Pickering though he draws better!”

Another commented, “@MarkDiStef I’m surprised he managed to leave the racism out of this one.

The Former New Zealand Prime Minister has entered the race to succeed Ban Ki-Moon as secretary general of the United Nation.

Kavin Rudd  also wants the top job. According to ABC, he is lobbying Britain, Turkey and Russia for their support. But Rudd has not announced his candidature yet.

Last year Bill Leak’s cartoon featuring Indian dhoti-clad men irritated and incensed many in India. The cartoon showed a dhoti-clad man grimacing and wielding a big hammer to smash a pair of solar panels which were packed in cartons with US logo and made in China sign on them. The patriarch of the family suggest in disgust that  broken fragments were not worth eating but another adult wanted to experiment  them with mango chutney, reported The Wire.

E.P Unny of The Indian Express reacted, “Australia which has a vibrant cartooning culture when you get a pointless cartoon like Bill Leak’s in The Australian, what do you say? A cartoon does not emerge in isolation. If the newsroom sees it fit to print such a cartoon, it is they who have some explaining to do.”