Prince William showed off his flexibility when he stretched up prior to a match during the Audi Polo Challenge on Saturday.

The photos of the royal prince doing some yoga poses were published on TMZ. He didn’t appear to be embarrassed even when he was already on all fours on the field. After all, there were some celebs watching the game such as Tom Hardy of “Mad Max: Fury Road” and Winnie Harlow of “America’s Next Top Model.” He’s also oblivious to the fact that he was wearing a pair of white jeans.

According to Us Weekly, Prince William’s yoga poses during the Audi Polo Challenge may have come from his wife. The Duke of Cambridge was stretching along with Mark and Luke Tomlinson and William Melville-Smith, although it’s not clear if his Audi Ultra teammates were doing yoga poses, too.

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“William’s wife, Kate Middleton, did prenatal yoga sessions with a private instructor before giving birth to the couple’s first child, Prince George, in 2013,” it said, adding that the Duchess of Cambridge continued doing yoga even after their son was born.

Notwithstanding his yoga poses during the Audi Polo Challenge, Prince William is actually an accomplished polo player and his connection to the game dates back to when he was young. In fact, he was photographed at a polo game when he was still eight years old.

According to The Telegraph, the link between the royals and polo have gone back hundreds of years.

“Members of the royal family have been keen polo players since King Edward VIII took up the sport as Prince of Wales,” it said.

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Prince William and Prince Harry are going on a series of matches to raise money for charity, including the Audi Polo Challenge. People magazine said that both royals have raised more than US$13.9 million [AU$19.36 million] by going on charity matches since 2007, proceeds of which have gone on to foundations they support.