An American tourist, who lost her belongings when the car she was travelling in was stolen, has been overwhelmed by the help she got from New Zealanders.

Twenty-one-year-old Danica Klas, lost the car she was travelling in and along with it lost all her belongings. She was in a foreign land and there was no one to help her. In such a situation anyone would be in a state of great distress and would probably curse the land and its people for the predicament. However in the case of Danica Klas, the situation is the reverse. Instead of cursing the people she is all praise about their helpfulness.

Danica is overwhelmed by the help offered by the Kiwis. She called the experience an “amazing” one.  The offers of help included money, clothes, shoes and even a replacement vehicle after her story was published in

Right after the newspaper report, the story got shared 130 times in Facebook. Many posted offers to help Danica. Some messaged her directly and some called the newsroom offering help and donation.

The American tourist said that it was little overwhelming for her and she added that she “didn’t really know where to start.”

Facebook friends requests and posts offering help kept on flooding and she answered as many people as possible. Later she wrote a post thanking everyone.

The post read, “Thank you so much, everybody! I can’t believe how incredibly kind everyone has been.”

Emphasizing her trust for New Zealand and its people she said, “”I never lost my faith in New Zealand or its people once today and this just fills my heart with more assurance that I never will.”

She added, “I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow with a new perspective on this unfortunate event and reply to everyone who has gone out of their way to help me out. . . . Words cannot describe how grateful I am.”

According to, although the country outwardly claims to be concerned about the protection of foreign tourists, in reality, it has not done anything to prevent the thugs and goons from robbing them.

In January 2015, two American tourists were robbed in New Zealand. The culprit was sentenced six month home detention which is not going to deter them from committing such crimes in future, stated the report.

Recently, there were problems about peace and order since many Asians were attacked in New Zealand.