Two men got injured in an Auburn factory fire after an explosion at the recycling plant in Western Sydney on Wednesday. Firefighters battled the blaze and 100 people from the factory and surrounding businesses had been evacuated.

The firemen were able to control the blaze at the foam recycle plant at Auburn in West Sydney. Two men, one aged 59 and the other in his 20s, got injured in the fire when it started in the factory at around 2 p.m. Ambulances rushed to the spot and the injured were immediately taken to the hospital.

The 59-year-old man, who had suffered burns on his hands and face, was admitted to the Royal North Shore hospital for treatment. The other got burned hands and arms and was rushed to the Westmead Hospital. Both men are in stable condition now, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

An employee from a neighbouring factory, George Isaac, saw the two men running out of the factory right after the fire started. He informed that the fire escalated very fast. “Everything was quick to engulf in flames, it was a disaster,” ABC quoted Isaac as saying. “It became a huge hazard and then the flames got bigger and bigger … it just became a huge commotion with people,” he went on.

Around 70 firefighters from 15 stations were in the scene. They soon initiated the evacuation of 100 people from the factory as well as surrounding areas.

“On the way they saw plumes of black smoke [and] called for back-up, they made entry and were beaten back by the flames,” Fire and Rescue New South Wales Commissioner Greg Mullins said.  “It’s a plastics recycling plant, so [it has] very volatile contents. The fire spread extremely quickly,” added Mullins.

After the fire was subdued, hazardous material experts monitored the scene and the air quality in the area. They confirmed that there were no concerns. Mullin also said that no evidence was found to consider the fire as suspicious.

According to The Daily Telegraph, after the Auburn factory fire, motorists were advised to avoid the area and the Transport Accident Report had posted on Facebook  that many roads were closed in the vicinity.