Times are tough for Auburn’s Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer, who has a knack for courting controversies. The latest being his absence from the crisis talks meeting following the NSW Government’s statement that it had “serious concerns” about his governance. The government has warned Mehajer and other councillors that they could face a public inquiry.

Mehajer however said that the three hour notice he had received, was not “enough time” for him to be present at the meeting. “My input to all councillors and staff was still put in place prior to the meeting which was well received,” Mehajer told  news.com.au.

NSW Government has given a deadline and an ultimatum to all the Auburn councillors to justify why they should not be sacked. According to Yahoo News this ultimatum is a result of months of allegations that several councilliors were misusing from their position for personal gain.

While all the councillors are under investigation, Mehajer takes the cherry because of his past deeds. Mehajer is involved in 22 driving offences, had allegedly threatened to kidnap a Lindt Siege survivor, allegedly forged documents in the 2012 Council elections and also had fallouts with contractors.

“I have serious concerns about Auburn City Council’s perceived decision-making in relation to planning and development matters and the appearance that those decisions may have delivered an inappropriate benefit to some councillors,” Paul Toole, local government Minister, is quoted as saying by Yahoo News.

That is not all, recently Mehajer’s wife was slapped with a $186 defect notice for her $250,000 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. However, instead of paying the fine, the couple has decided to fight it out in the court.

This is not the first time Mehajer has come in the line of fire. The extravagant Deputy Mayor was earlier criticised for his ostentatious wedding, which involved four helicopters, a fighter jet flyover, sports cars worth $50 million, a sea-plane, street closures and a performance by ARIA award-winning songstress Missy Higgins, reports Sydney Morning Herald. This has led to an online petition by Auburn residents calling for Mehajer to be sacked.