The Japanese film Attack on Titan has been picked up for a season 2 renewal.  After witnessing a thumping success in last season, it looks like Attack on Titan season 2 is happening for real. These days there have been plenty of spoilers and non-spoilers regarding the much-awaited sequel from the manga.  There is a recent buzz that Attack on Titan Season 2 release date has been pushed further.  Meanwhile, to keep the fans excited here are some new hints on what could they expect in Attack on Titan season 2.

The film based on the manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama. In its forthcoming season, it is speculated to have two new arcs. Since, the Colossal Titan was already seen in the series’ promotional poster, it was expected to feature Clash of Titans.

At the same time, if we believe the version by Ecumenical News, season 2’s plot will follow the original matter, the Shingeki No Kyojin manga. The plot will be weaved on the secrets in the basement. In fact, the beginning of the second season of the anime is assumed to be from an episode from the manga version named as Basement. It will also have Armin, Hanji and the rest of the Survey Corps in a state of realization that they are merely a few survivors of a certain titan battle. The real complications will surface when the group discovers that Armin ate Bertolt Hoover. Following the South Legion’s Commanding Officer Erwin Smith’s death, Hanji takes over the Survey Corps Commander position.

Now there is a question: when is Attack on Titan season 2 releasing?

Earlier, the series was speculated to hit the floor by April 2017. Tetsuro Araki who is also the director of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, is keen on releasing Attack on Titan before the other one.  Recent news and updates surrounding Attack on Titan Season 2 release date is filled with much uncertainty and unsettledness.

These are only speculations as nothing concrete has come yet from Araki. With no official announcement from him, Attack on Titan Season 2 release date appears to get further delayed.