The waiting game for Attack on Titan season 2 will continue as new reports claim that its release date may be pushed back further.

According to a blog post published on Wikia, Spanish manga news site Mision Tokyo has reportedly claimed that the Attack on Titan season 2 premiere will happen in 2017. This is contrary to earlier reports claiming that the release would be by fall this year.

It added that the date may be sometime in January of next year. The post claimed that the new round of rumors have some credibility as Mision Tokyo was the same site to have confirmed the release date of season 1 last 2012.

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The new information was said to have come from Selecta Vision, which is the anime series’ official distributor in Spain.

Selecta Vision supposedly reached out to publisher Kodansha to acquire the rights to televise Attack on Titan season 2 in Spain for their fall lineup. However, Kodansha told the company that there will be no airing this year as they have rescheduled its airing to 2017.

While the blog post did not specify the reasons for the cause of delay, Latin Times reported that the “manga is two story arcs short.” The news site added that series director Tetsuro Araki mentioned that a lot happened to the franchise last year that “slowed down production for season two of the anime.”

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An article from Vine Report claimed that Araki’s time was consumed by his involvement in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress or Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. Thus, the delay in the production of Attack on Titan season 2. Nevertheless, with the production of Kabaneri already finished, the director may again focus on the much-awaited manga series.

Reports state that Attack on Titan season 2 will deviate from the original manga version unlike season 1. The decision came from the producers who want the fans to keep on guessing where the storyline is heading.