After finishing series of engagements at Edinburgh, which included visiting two of her patronages working on children’s mental health, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, finally got time to show off her tennis skills at the Tennis Workshop conducted by Judy Murray at Craigmount High School.

Kate joined the mother of British tennis star, Andy Murray to promote sports among the young. Surrounded by dozens of students, the high-spirited royalty seemed to do anything for the love of sport- from changing into tennis-appropriate gear to coaching students and showing off her racket-wielding skills.

Kate instructed the children and adults in “‘balloon tennis.” The sporty  Duchess giggled as she sat on the wooden floor with other attendees of the tennis workshop. There were lessons on coaching and the basics of tennis for children from On The Road coaching clinic in Edinburgh.

Catherine,  also known as the Countess of Strathearn in Scotland  is named the patron of the All England Club by the Queen earlier this year according to Daily Mail.

The Duchess even asked Judy Murray about the right age for her son Prince George to start tennis, according to The Telegraph. Mrs. Murray said: “She was talking about at what age can a child hold a racquet. It’s about strength. I was saying to her with children of George’s age you start with a balloon and the hand. It is about doing he right thing at the right time.”

Murray told the BBC the Duchess’ participation was “fantastic for tennis and women’s sport,” and that she’d said she’d love to come back and do it again.

Tennis on the Road, which was founded by Judy Murray in October 2014, aims to promote coaching and encourage the game at the grassroots level by teaching the basics to parents, teachers, volunteers and others so that children can develop their skills.