Police have come up with another revelation in the Assyrian gang shooting. The investigators have found that Antonio Hermeiz, the victim of the shooting incident, had links with Adrian Buxton execution in Sydney. Buxton was a former bikie shot and murdered in May 2016.

Hermeiz, 20, was shot on December 23, 2016, at a reserve in Wetherill Park. This gang shooting came following several other gang shootings conducted in public places over the past year.  Strike Force Jacoby detectives have also claimed that the playground murder could have connections with the series of executions conducted in the city.

Investigators Renew Appeal In Gang Shooting Case

Strike Force Jacoby was established by the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad’s detectives to investigate the gang shooting at the playground. The force is being assisted by detectives from South West Metropolitan Region as well as the Middle Eastern Organized Crime Squad. The detectives have renewed their appeal for more information in the matter on Thursday.

Investigators are working in cooperation with detectives in finding minute details related to the murder of Buxton. “Our joint inquiries have revealed that Mr Hermeiz had possession of a black Audi Q7, which was involved in the murder of Mr Buxton,” The Daily Telegraph quoted Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin as saying. “At the time Mr Buxton was murdered, the Audi had NSW registration plates BMH12Q. The vehicle has not been located.”

When the police arrived at the spot, they found another man, aged 18, shot along with Hermeiz in the gang shooting. According to reports, the two men combined with other three men at the scene when another group arrived. The two groups allegedly involved in an argument and shots began to be fired.

Jubelin said that it was disappointing to see that “those close” to the victims were not ready to cooperate with police in providing the details. He added that the department was reviewing huge volume of CCTV footage to identify the vehicle that was used in the gang shooting.

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