It has been over a year since the Ashley Madison hack scandal was reported. The victims, however, have only recently come forward to share their experience for a purpose.

Hackers made the personal details of almost 35 million members of the adulterous dating site public, which ultimately gave a controversial turn to their lives. The scandal led to broken homes, break-ups, humiliation and even suicide. The case changed the lives of the victims completely and gave them an isolated life despite having relatives and spouses.

After more than a year, the victims have managed to face the world and share their experiences for documentary makers in the United Kingdom. The Impact’s cyber attack, according to reports, led to two confirmed suicide cases. Canada police confirmed the suicides were linked to the Ashley Madison scandal.

The documentary makers have met the surviving victims, including the partners of the members. There are numerous people who were using the site at that point in time with least risk of their partners coming to know about their dating involvement with other members of the adulterous site.

The UK’s Channel 4 program Sex, Lies, and Cyber Attacks has featured one of the victims from Virginia, Tamsin Smythe. She explained how she used the website to connect with CEOs, managers and politicians online. “Initially, men are very hesitant to make the first move. When we start talking, they want to find out, ‘Are you real? Do you really live in the United States?'” the footage shows her as saying.

“Then once you start talking, inevitably, men have this sensational desire to send you d**k pictures. Sometimes it’s even the first picture – you don’t even know what their face looks like.”

According to the NZ Herald, Smythe was in a meeting room when she started noticing the phone calls, mostly from the spouses of the people she connected with on the Ashley Madison website. She said her heart sank when she realized that the profiles were publicly released. She added that she felt the pain of the spouses of those people whom she dated via the site as they were truly hurt.

There were many other victims, one of whom was Christopher Russell, who dated almost 200 people profiled on the website.

Another male pseudonym “Jim” was sent a video of his wife and mother of their five children having sex with someone. He was shocked to find out that his wife had six affairs on the Ashley Madison website. The incident dated back to 2012. The couple is now divorced.