The fourth season of the hit TV series “Arrow” just ended last week. With all the hype surrounding the show, a film spin-off might soon be on the table. Actor Stephen Amell recently sounded off on the possible Arrow solo movie.

In an interview with Larry King, Amell revealed he has spoken to DC executives about the possible movie. “I’ve spoken with people within DC,” the actor was quoted by as saying. “They have said there’s no plan to bring the Green Arrow character to the cinematic universe.” However, before fans could get totally crushed by this revelation, Amell double backed a bit. “But things change,” he said. “I mean, it has become easier to take properties on television and turn them into films.”

This could mean that it is still possible for  Oliver Queen to join the DC extended universe in the future. However, Amell pointed out that, even if the Arrow solo movie gets made, he might not be cast for it. “The cinematic universe and the television universe are separate,” he said. 

“The Flash” star Grant Gustin was earlier not hired by DC to play his TV character on “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Instead, Ezra Miller portrayed the Flash in the movie. Who could replace Amell as Green Arrow on the big screen? Will the idea for an Arrow solo movie even take off at all? No word as of yet to confirm this. Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, Amell has a lot of ideas for “Arrow” Season 5. “When we started ‘Arrow,’ we were the superpower-less superhero show,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “We need to get back to focusing more on some of the core elements that used to define ‘Arrow’…that’s hand-to-hand combat, no superpowers, and dealing with the job of cleaning up Star City.”