Arrow Season 5 will not premiere until the end of the year. But fans already know one familiar face dropping by Star City for the show’s next installment. Who is this new guest star? Will he be a friend or a foe to Oliver Queen and the rest of his team? What sorts of trouble will he get himself  into?

Fans won’t know any of this for sure until the hit show returns to The CW. But his previous interaction with the series’ lead star, Stephen Amell, just might provide a clue. The actor has already worked with this guest star in the past. In fact, the two performers faced off for another project. Will he be out for vengeance when he guest stars on Arrow Season 5?

According to, Cody Rhodes will be the show’s new guest star. Amell himself confirmed this guest starring role for the season’s third episode.

Rhodes, a professional wrestler known as Stardust, doesn’t really have a lot of acting credits under his belt. But the actor confirmed that Rhodes has “really wanted to get into the acting business” since he retired from the WWE. It looks like the hit DC show will soon give Rhodes the break he needs. Amell didn’t reveal much about Rhodes’ exact role in the upcoming season, though. But he did say he’s “so fired up for this guy.”

Viewers might have to wait a little while longer to find out the exact details of his stint on Arrow Season 5. But TV Line thinks Rhodes’ character will end up fighting Oliver Given, given the Amell/Rhodes “rivalry” that started last year. The two have figured in  two on-screen skirmishes already. Will Arrow Season 5 decide the winner once and for all?