Arrow Season 5 actor Stephen Amell has been posting his workouts over at Facebook for the past few months and the latest photo he shared is an indication that it looks like his hard work has paid off.

The shirtless photo of Amell provided the initial glimpse of what Arrow Season 5 will look like, and fans definitely love it.

The photo of Oliver Queen, the character that Amell is playing in Arrow, showed what seems to be from a fight scene. The actor has earlier said he is looking forward to see a particular fight scene in the premiere episode of season five, titled “Legacy,” iDigital Times noted.

“Suffice to say that episode 501 of Arrow has the opportunity for us to have the most vicious, violent one-shot in the history of network television. I insisted that it’s gonna be me, no stunt double, and he [Director James Bamford] said fine, but you have to do it shirtless,” Amell told fans via Facebook Live.

Amell has amassed a solid fan base on social media. Some may probably follow the actor to take a peek of him while working out. A considerable number of his followers however are there for health, fitness and motivational reasons, and they love him for that.

His workouts are very inspiring and fans never hesitate to let him know how they were motivated by Amell. They are also delighted to post comments regarding their weight loss and how grateful they are to him. Just recently, a fan shared how he shed 70 pounds since he started watching Amell’s series of workouts.

I don't know what I did to piss @t3athletics off.

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Another factor why fans love Amell so much is that he personally engages with them. The actor makes sure he never ceases to interact with them even when he travels. He shares what he thinks is interesting along the road, which are also educational. He always tries to make his discussion on social media as interactive as possible and also encouraged fans to post artworks from talented artists like what he does.

3m. ❤️

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Stephen Amell doesn’t only have big muscles, but has a big heart too. Yes! He dedicates himself and his money for charitable causes. His most recent campaign has raised over one million dollars to fight cancer. He didn’t forget Orlando shooting as well. Amell is set to appear in a one-day fund raising event in Orlando on September 17 along with co-stars from Arrow. All of the event proceeds will go to to support the families of the victims.

Shirtless or not, Stephen Amell is definitely a guy that anyone can draw inspiration from. The star of Arrow Season 5 is a real superhero in TV and in real life.