Stephen Amell revealed what fans could expect from “Arrow” Season 5. He revealed several changes, new villains, as well as Oliver and Felicity’s fate in their relationship.

“Arrow” Season 4 ended its finale episode with Team Arrow’s sad state. Oliver and Felicity split up and their engagement has been called off.

In the coming season, fans thought that they might get together once again. Maybe, they just found themselves in a tough spot at that time, Comic Book reported.

Stephen Amell, who plays the lead character Oliver Queen in the “Arrow” series, revealed what fans could anticipate in the coming season.

The actor said during an interview at Wizard World’s Philadelphia comic convention last weekend, “I know that [the Oliver and Felicity split up] was important, especially at the end of season four with everything that happened.”

“And with Laurel Lance’s death that their relationship get put on the back burner because I think that there were more pressing issues, obviously.”

“So, I don’t know what’s gonna happen in season five. I do know that… I don’t believe that they begin season five together, so we’ll see where it goes from there,” Amell added.

He also mentioned about Felicity’s willingness to leave the relationship. “I felt like she was relatively quick to walk away but she’s a fictional character. She can do what she wants.”

Aside from the fate of Oliver and Felicity’s fate, Comic Book Movie stated that he also revealed a sneak preview of the new villains to appear, including several changes that fans could observe in “Arrow” Season 5.

He cited, “Of course, everything is going to change. If you have seen the finale, you know there is going to be a whole element for me professionally that we really haven’t seen yet.”

“And we have been in this cycle of introducing shows for a couple of years now. Obviously, ‘Supergirl’ is coming to the network, but we don’t have to introduce ‘Supergirl.’”

“I think we are going to focus a lot on just getting back to some of the stuff that ‘Arrow’ does really well,” Amell continued.

Stephen Amell teased everyone about “Arrow’s” new villains as well. He confirmed there would a new “impressively charming” villain that invades and challenges Arrow’s life.

However, this villain may be powerless and don’t have superpowers. “Arrow” shouldn’t be complacent though.

“Arrow” Season 5 is scheduled to air this coming fall on The CW. The show will go along with other DC Comics TV series like “The Flash,” “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”