The next installment of Arrow won’t come for another three months. But fans have already begun guessing what’s in store for Oliver Queen next season. The show’s lead star, Stephen Amell, earlier said the show will once again focus on a superpower-less story arc.  Will this arc focus more on Oliver’s love life?  Will he really marry Felicity when Arrow Season 5 rolls out?

The pair has already walked down the aisle once on screen already. They only did it as a set-up back then. Could they tie the knot for real next season? No word as of yet to confirm this.

Fans don’t all agree on Oliver’s relationship with Felicity Smoak, though. Some are big fans of the former couple. Others, meanwhile, just want to kick her out of Team Arrow. However, Amell himself earlier admitted how crucial Felicity is to his character’s cause. The actor still doesn’t think she’s the most important thing in his life, though. He says his former fiancee will always take a back seat to give way for the city they both live in.

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In a sit-down at the San Diego Comic Con, Amell told that “Oliver’s most important relationship in the entire show is his relationship with Star City.”

However, he added that he let Felicity hang around to help him in “his objective to make [things] better than what [they were] and fulfill what his father asked him to do… Oliver and Felicity are very much team members at this point. She thinks that there should be a new team at the moment, and Oliver would like the old team to return. He’s convinced everyone will go do their thing, then come back. They’re kind of at odds at that at the moment, but they’re very much team members right now.”

Arrow Season 5 will premiere on the CW in October.