Arrow is preparing to shoot its 100th episode this fall entering their Season 5. Arrow is known to have melodramatic plot twists and old-fashioned themed street archery.

Recently, executive producer Marc Guggenheim posted on Twitter a photo of the cast doing a table read for the 100th episode and revealed a huge and exciting news for the fans. For this new season, the show is to revive two major characters who previously died on the show. Fans should watch out for this!

According to Megan Davies, writer of Digital Spy, showrunner Guggenheim revealed that the first character to return on the show is Oliver’s dad Robert Queen.

It’s a question on how some fans would react to a dead person returning to life without making any flashbacks. However, pertaining to Guggenheim’s recent tweet, he stated clearly that there would be no ‘flashpoint’ and ‘flashbacks’ in this coming 100th episode. The revival of Robert Queen’s character remains a mystery to everyone.

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Meanwhile, the second returning character on the show revealed the news herself as the character of Laurel Lance in the 100th episode of Arrow.

On the other hand, along with Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash will all return to the CW next month with the DC crossover the CW has planned. However, Arrow’s role is the focus of the brand-new episode.

All of the series are building up towards a huge crossover episode set to air later in the series run. And yes, Arrow is really going to bring back two major characters in their new episode to celebrate their milestone.

Arrow Season 5 returns on October 5 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

Stay tuned for more updates on Arrow’s 100th episode!